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My Background

Alvaro is an international osteopathic manual practitioner (OMP), movement therapist (MT) and yoga instructor. His journey through the mind-body disciplines began as a child during his practice of martial arts. As a teenager he began the studies of yoga and contemporary dance, adding later teachings from different somatic practices such as Alexander technique and Feldenkrais method. 

He then continued to study from various traditions under the guidance of accomplished masters, constantly rediscovering the human body and integrating new knowledge into how he lives his life and how he serves his community. 

His expertise and skilled knowledge have been applied at various holistic healing centers, where he has empowered others through the teaching of mind-body practices. He has led multiple teaching trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. 

After working in the field of wellness for several years, Alvaro decided to attend the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, a program based on the classical teachings of osteopathy. He went into establishing his practice as an OMP in Toronto, Canada helping many to recover from long-lasting unresolved structural issues.  

Alvaro maintains a multidisciplinary approach in his practice, working as an OMP and MT and teacher trainer in international Yoga & Ayurveda training.


My Approach

I’m honored to play an integral role in my patient’s circle of care and my goal is to find the root causes of their health concerns. 

I address each patient’s unique circumstances to collaboratively find structural solutions that sustain vitality and health. Working together is essential for a successful outcome therefore I believe in educating and empowering my patients by helping them to understand their body and health. 

I committee myself on each treatment to make sure I will be fully present and give my best for you to move freely, feel whole, and live fully.


I’m here to make a real impact on people’s health treating each person in a unique and individualized way.

I spend time getting to know you in order to understand the unique set of circumstances causing your discomfort, pain, or condition.

I identify and treat the root cause of the issues to eradicate it and restore long-lasting health.

I use an array of tools learned over two decades of studies all over the world ranging from osteopathic manual treatment to therapeutic movement and more.

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